Clickfunnel pricing is not the only thing I discuss On this page hope you don’t think that was a click bait.Heck if it is you are already here lol.

I am going to be giving you my honest opinion about Clickfunnels, Clickfunnels pricing, clickfunnels affiliate program and everything related to clickfunnels and why I thing it still remains the number one tool any serious marketer must have in his arsenal.

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I was first introduced to clickfunnels in 2016 when it was first launched and got the while funnel hacking package with FREE 6 months full suite upgrade but I did nothing with it. truth is I still blame myself till date for not doing enough to take advantage of clickfunnels and the clickfunnels affiliate program at that time.

It was not until 2017 that I reactivated my Clickfunnels account and decided to take this online thing very seriously. I had a list of action plans:

1: I would quit my job as registered nurse I dive fully into being an online entrepreneur

2: I would by my own house in a year from then (2018) with income from my online endeavor

3: I would attend FHL 2018 and possibly sign up to be part of the 2Comma Club X( A coaching program that is $1800/monthly )

4: I would get married

5: I will have my first 2 comma funnel

+I had way more goals than I have listed above and I can tell you already that I was able to achieve some of them and some I am still working on.

Click here to see some of the goals I was able to achieve and the ones I am still working on