How to get more Instagram followers; Useful tips to try

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Tips to increase Instagram followers

I won’t act weird by asking you why you want to grow your Instagram account. We all know you (creators, bloggers, creative entrepreneurs, and businesses) want your own online audience that cares about your goods and services.

Offering your goods and services for sale on Instagram is just half of the work. Getting true followers or fans that are always engaging with your social post and those that are willing to pay you is the other half.

In this blog post, we are going to show you a step-by-step tutorial on how to get more Insta followers starting from now.

Table of content

  1. Types of content to post on your Instagram account
  2. How to optimize your Instagram
  3. How consistently do you need to post on Instagram?
  4. How to use hashtags on Instagram
  5. How does engagement work on Instagram
  6. How to use Instagram analytics to grow your Instagram
  7. Instagram strategies you must avoid to get more insta followers

Types of content to post on your Instagram account

On Instagram, several features allow a user to post their content in various forms. These features include;

  • Instagram feed – this is the home page when you open up the Instagram app. The Instagram feed contains a set of curated photos and videos personalized to each user.
  • Instagram stories – Instagram stories are the small circular shape feature that can be found at the top of the Instagram feed. Content on Insta-story is far more casual and less structured like the content on the feed.
  • Instagram live – this is one of the best ways to show your followers live events as they take place. The Instagram live feature gives your followers action in real-time.
  • Instagram highlight – these are contents that are placed permanently or for as long as you want them below your Instagram bio. Your followers can always interact with these contents because they are right there for them to see until you take them out.
  • IGTV – just like the name suggest, IGTV is TV but for Instagram. IGTV allows Instagram users to post long-form video content. IGTV is a stand-alone app, different from the Instagram app.
  • Instagram reels – these are similar to Tiktok videos. They are short video clips with music and special effect.

Having described the various features present on Instagram for uploading content, we are going to show you how the various content type that is allowed on the app.

  • Photos – these are the easiest form of content you can share on Instagram. A photo can be edited on the app and filters can be added to the photo too. The downside to uploading just photos is they get lesser engagement when compared to a video.
  • Quote cards – these are another form that your content can take when sharing content on Instagram. Quote cards are text-based content containing famous ideas from different individuals in their respective niches. APPS such as Canva, PicMonkey, and Inshot can be used to make quote cards.
  • Videos – although videos require a great deal of effort, they usually have a higher reach and engagement than photos. Videos can be posted on the feed and they can also be shared on Insta-stories.
  • Carousel posts – carousel posts usually contain up to 10 images or videos that can be posted once onto the Instagram feed. Carousel posts require a lot of effort to create but they usually work well on the Instagram algorithm.
  • Instagram reels – this is the latest feature introduced on Instagram. The videos on Instagram reels last for up to 30 seconds and they are super amazing in terms of organic reach.
  • IGTV – asides the fact that IGTV requires a lot of time and time they are the best format for uploading continuous content like series. Another upside is a preview of the content can always be uploaded on your Instagram feed.

Now that you know the different types of content forms you are allowed to post on Instagram, which form do you like best?

How to optimize your Instagram page

Instagram growth strategy

Optimizing your Instagram page is also another step in the right direction. But before you can go ahead to optimize your page, you need some fire Instagram strategy. These strategies will help you identify the goals of your Instagram account and the steps you ought to follow to achieve them.

Here are goals that you might decide to make yours;

  • I want to engage with like-minded people within my community.
  • I want to sell my products online
  • I want to become an Instagram influencer
  • I want to grow my email list
  • I want to sell affiliate products

You will know that you have chosen the best Instagram strategy when you begin to head towards your business goals.

Have a consistent style for your Instagram feed and stick to it

Picking a consistent style for your Instagram feed shouldn’t be hard work because a lot of Instagram accounts and design blogs have done the groundwork for you. A consistent feed style is simply the way you want your Insta followers to feel when they interact with your Instagram page. The color, theme, and overall aesthetic of your feed should represent your brand image.

Follow the steps outlined below to achieve a consistent Instagram feed;

  • The first thing is to identify your niche and post content relating to it (examples of niches include food, travel, fashion, education, etc.)
  • Pick a favorite color or color palette and stick to it.
  • Ensure you use the same filter on all of your photos and video.
  • Use the same level of brightness, saturation on all of your photos.
  • Do not forget to look at the feed of other successful Instagram accounts.

Set up your Instagram bio for success

Your Instagram bio is always the first thing people see when visiting your page. So, if I were you I would make each visit count by setting up my Instagram bio for success.

Setting your Instagram bio up for success means sharing useful information telling your followers what they stand to gain from interacting with your page. Tell them what your page is about, share a website link or blog post link on your Instagram bio and you can also show off your personalized hashtag.

Lastly, do not be scared of changing your bio from time to time.

Request for your account to be verified

Another way to optimize your Instagram account is through verification. Yes, gone are the days when the blue verification tick was just for celebrities and the big brands.

Verifying your Instagram account gives more credibility to your brand and the content you post. It tells your followers that they are getting authentic and complete content from the right source.

How consistently do you need to post on Instagram?

Posting consistently on Instagram is a very personal matter. The method that works for you might not suit my own schedule. So, a bit of good advice for growing the number of your followers would be choosing the number of posts you want to upload a day. Also do not forget to post during the time when you get the highest engagement on your post.

In other words, if you have chosen to post 3 photos daily, you must ensure you post every day at the same time your followers are expecting your post.

So, choose the number of posts that suit your schedule and stick with it.

Factors that determine how to post consistently

  • The number one factor to note is the time your followers are online
  • And the type of post that has the highest number of engagement.
  • These factors help you identify what is working and what helps in audience retention.
  • Posting on your Instagram stories

Posting content on Insta-story is another ball game entirely but it also plays a major role in getting you more Instagram followers.

The general rule of thumb when posting on Instagram stories;

  • Be less formal and more playful
  • Perfection isn’t a thing on Insta-story. It is a chance to let your personality shine through.
  • Insta followers love behind the scenes. Show your followers the magic happening behind the scenes.
  • Do not be scared to use hashtags and geotags in Insta-stories. It helps in distributing your content to a newer audience.
  • Your Insta-story must be an extension of what you have on your feed. So upload only content that is relevant to your account.

How to use hashtags to grow your followers on Instagram

Are you wondering if hashtags work on Instagram? You bet they do!

Hashtags work wonders and are more important on Instagram than they are on Facebook.

Hashtags help other people discover your content just by searching for the hashtag on Instagram. By doing so, hashtags increase the visibility of your Instagram account by helping your target audience find you.

In the long run, hashtags help you build your brand through increased engagement.

These are the rules to follow on how to use hashtags to grow your followers on Instagram;

  • Use up to 30 hashtags per post for you to start seeing the result
  • Ensure you add ”#” before typing out the keyword.
  • Look up the hashtags recommended by Instagram to find out if they are related to your post before using them.
  • Always add your hashtags to your post. Research proves that posts with hashtags get a 30% higher reach than posts without any hashtag.
  • Use both broad and niche hashtags in your post. The aim is to reach both a large audience and a dedicated group at the same time.
  • Do not skip branded hashtags. Ask your followers to use your branded hashtag too. It shows your audience how your customers are using your product.
  • Use hashtags your competitors are using. If it is working for them, it ought to work for you too.
  • Do not forget to switch your hashtags up in every post. This ensures your posts do not look spammy.
  • Geotags and geo-hashtags should also be used on Instagram. They give your content the opportunity of showing up on the explore page on Instagram.

How does engagement work on Instagram?

Engagement on Instagram is the bloodline of your account. In as much as you’re your account keeps getting engagement, Instagram will continue showing your content to more audiences.

Engagement is a positive indicator that tells the Instagram algorithm what to do with your content.

There is a strategy you can employ to keep getting more engagement on your Instagram account. This strategy is called the 80/20 rule of engagement on Instagram.

What is the 80/20 rule of engagement?

This means spending 80% of your time and effort engaging with other Instagram accounts and the remaining 20% creating content for your page.

To implement this strategy, you have to follow the 5-3-1 formula.

The 5-3-1 formula involves liking 5 posts under one specific hashtag, commenting on 3 of the posts, and replying to 1 of their Insta-story.

Rules of Instagram engagement

  1. Reply to every single comment on your post and also reply to the DMs (direct messages). You can achieve this by blocking off time every day to engage with the comments and messages.
  2. Like and comment on other people’s posts. It is social media for a reason, you have to interact with other people. And this can get other people and brands to notice you.
  3. Search hashtags that are relevant to you and your business to discover new and interesting accounts.
  4. Always encourage your followers to perform a certain action on your post. You can ask them questions, you can ask them to tag a friend, and you can also ask them to double-tap.
  5. Encourage your followers to share your post as this gets more people to see your content.
  6. Do not use bots for fake engagement. In the end, it will only hurt your growth on the platform.

How to use Instagram analytics to grow your followers

The number one benefit of owning a business account on Instagram is access to Instagram insights or analytics like some people love to call it.

Instagram insights will show you how your posts, stories, and overall account is doing. It will show you your top-performing posts so that you can continue making more of such content.

Instagram insight is just like Google Analytics, which points you in the right direction showing you what works and what doesn’t.

Instagram strategies you must avoid to get more Instagram followers

Now, you wouldn’t want to undo all the great things you had to do to gain more Instagram followers, or would you?

We are going to talk about some Instagram strategies that you must avoid if you want more genuine insta followers.

This list includes;

  • Do not join Instagram PODs. Instagram Pod is a private group usually consisting of 10-20 people who will like, comment, and share each other’s posts to drive up engagement. In itself, this is a terrible growth strategy. Since the engagement from the group is more of an obligation than it is their choice, the zeal would wane off along the way and your engagement will go with it.
  • Follow for follow or Instagram follow/unfollow strategy. Asides from the fact that this is spammy, follow for follow is done by people that do not think their content is providing value to their audience. The reward of value is usually a follow, a user usually stays where they are getting information.
  • Shout-out for shout-out is another fast way to crash all of your hard work. It is a big no for me because you spend a lot of time and effort looking for accounts that will give you a shout-out.
  • Giveaways on Instagram are another sure way to gain fake followers on Instagram. These people only hit the follow button because you are giving out something for free. Watch them unfollow you if they do not win.

To round things up, we would advise you to think of Instagram as a longtime game so you do not expect a million followers in weeks of just starting to post.

Also, you do not have to spread yourself thin by using all of Instagram’s features every day. Set up a schedule and focus on the parts on Instagram that gives you more result.

Lastly, do not forget to have fun.

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