How To Write Sales Letter That Convert FAST In 10 Mins or Less

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We spoke to 23 of the world leading sales copy experts about sharing their most-kept secrets on-how to write sales and Ad Copy that generate unlimited amount of traffic and sales FAST and here are the 12 Easy steps they all agreed is their secret weapons to an a winning Ad all the time.

Writing copies is one of the best assets any online entrepreneur must possess.Experts like Gary Halbert,Jay Abraham,Dan Henry and host of other legend copy writers got paid millions if not billions of dollars writing sales letters and AdCopies for people using only these 12 Easy To Follow Steps

While pretty website and fancy landing page can attract prospect to your offer it takes a very convincing copy to convert those prospects to paying customers.Your copy in terms of the 3 sublime ingredients of marketing will be the only reason you will be able to sell.By the 3 sublime ingredients I mean “Story” “hook” and Offer.

Below are 12-Step Foolproof Sales Letter Template That Works

#1 Get Attention:The opening headline is the 1st thing yr reader sees. It must get their attention. People have a short attention span & sort mail over the wastebasket. Headline must target their interest, or they’ll throw your letter away.

some examples are : Choose one approach to grab the audience’s attention right from the start: unexpected, emotional, or simple.

  • How To _________________ .
  • Secrets of _________ Revealed Warning! Don’t Even Think of _______ Until You _______Provide a simple unifying message for what is to come

#2 :2. Identify the Problem Your Audience Have: You want your client to read your copy and say“Yeah, that’s exactly how I feel”. Rub salt into that wound.

#3 Provide the Solution:Now introduce yourself, yr product and/or yr service. Relieve their pain..

#4 Present your Credentials: Now introduce yourself, your product and/or yr service. Relieve their pain…


Prove to them now that you can be trusted. List yr credentials – any one of these:

  • 1. Successful case studies.
  • 2. Prestigious companies (or people) you have done business with.
  • 3. The length of time you’ve been in yr field of expertise
  • 4. Conferences where you have spoken 5. Important awards or recognitions.

#5 Show the Benefits

People don’t care about you or your product, only what it will do for them…

6.Give Social Proof:

You must build credibility & believability. Testimonials prove your claims. Customer pictures w/ name, city, state & phone # (if possible) prove you are real…

#7. Make Your Offer

Make them think, “I’d be stupid not to take this deal.” Best offers combine great price, terms, & free gifts. People don’t buy products, they buy offers.

Get my workbook on 12 Proven STEPS to create Fool proof sales proof by clicking on the link below.



#8. Give a Guarantee

Think about it.. when was the last time you purchased something without * * 100%, No Questions Asked, TakeIt-To-The-Bank Guarantee * *?

You see, the mistake people make is thinking offering such guarantee will increase their return rate. Studies have shown that reverse is the case. Guarantee actually increases sale more than it increases return.

9. Inject Scarcity

Have you ever heard the acronym F.O.M.O before ? It means Fear Of Missing Out. trust me, it works all the time. Use an extra incentive to motivate people. Inject scarcity to create FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

#11. Give a Warning:Clearly & concisely spell out how what you want your prospect to do and what might happen if they don’t do it.

Things like:

Struggle day to day to make profit •

  • Work too hard for too few customers •
  • Lose the chance for valuable bonuses
  • • Keep getting what they’ve always got •
  • See other companies get the business

pain a picture in the prospects mind

#12. Close with a Reminder:

Always include a P.S. It’s the 3rd most read element of your sales letter or email.

I have created a workbook that further explains this steps and lay them out in a way that is easy to follow. I normally sell this for $97 but you can grab it for FREE today by clicking on the link below.



P.S  I have Vlog  where I go deeper explaining  this concept

P.S Do not forget to leave me a comment below about any question you may have or how you think this content is helpful or not helpful to you.

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