These Are The 9 Top Affiliate Marketing Forums in 2019 The Best Affiliate Forums 2019

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We recently spoke to some of the biggest affiliate marketers out there and here are few of the affiliate marketing forums they believe are simply the best

Just like a medical doctor, a nurse or nursing student will want to belong to a group where he/she can find people of like-minds and share information with them or simply just read up on rending topics in their field it’s not any different for an affiliate marketer.

Depending on where you live you don’t really see a lot of local meet ups for affiliate marketers. Being an affiliate marketer or online entrepreneur can seem very lonely especially when you are just starting off online. Not only do you get the nose-up attitude form family and friends who have zero clue about what you are doing, you, yourself tend to doubt yourself sometimes if you are indeed not wasting your time. Hence, the need to find forum of individuals who share your dreams and you can learn from.

In this article I am going to show you some superb forums I recommend you check out to keep your online-marketing arsenal broad.

Some of these forums are FREE with great contents while some are paid.

We’ll start with the free ONES first. Here you go:



What I personally enjoy about this forum is the fact that it’s about the most active FREE forum currently out there with lots and lots of great contents
The Admin and moderators of this forum are very active and excessively helpful.

It is hard to browse this forum any day and not find new contents being added and new questions answered.

It is indeed great for any newbie who is looking for a forum to sharpen his affiliate knowledge.


I just had to term this as negatives but it’s really as bad.

The forum is very big and it’s getting bigger.

This sometimes may be overwhelming to a new affiliate.

WickedFire is another one of those FREE forums out there, which to me is like the NBA of the affiliate world.

Inside WickedFire you will find affiliates ranging from newbies to multi-7figures affiliate marketers.

It is by no simple means a great platform to socialize with other affiliate marketers and horn your affiliate marketing skills for FREE while doing so


Just like any other forum out there WildFire seems to be giving into competitors.

Forum is not as active and fiery as it used to be probably due to large number of competitors springing up every day.


Warrior Forum


One thing I like so much about this forum besides the fact that it’s FREE is the range of topics that are being discussed on it on a daily basis.

Warrior Forum is one of those few forums that it’s not niche FREAK

What I mean by that is it goes beyond topics about affiliate marketing alone.

You’ll find topics relating to Internet marketing, digital marketing, business strategies and more.

If you have been around for a while as an affiliate marketer and you are looking at scaling Warrior Forum serves very good contents in that aspect as well

One last thing I should mention about Warrior Forum is that most of the people on there are actually USA based affiliates. This helps in terms of high relevancy since most affiliate are in America anyway.


Perspectives shared on the forum may be narrow since it’s almost 100% American affiliates.

CPA Club


This forum is what I describe as your Mafialized Affiliate forum

I don’t mean that literally of course. This forum is only for Russian speaking individuals.

Very high-level of scrutiny by the Admin and moderators.

You either know how to speak and understand Russian Language or CPA Club is not for you.

CPA Club makes it easy for its members to get access to deals on several online deals and professional advice.


You speak Russian? Well, that’s a big one!



HackerDeCroissance is also FREE with major language being FRENCH
This forum is very clean with super friendly user interface

Again you only benefit from this if your business is connected to or have to do which French speaking audience.

HackerDeCroissance can safely be referred to as one of those old forums on the blocks.

You sometimes find valuable contents on this forum in the form of webinars and webcast.


I don’t consider this to be necessarily a bad thing but the forum tends to have a whole lot of newbies on it.

If you are a newbie and will like to rub minds with newbies like yourself or give values then this is a place to be.


Another one of is SitePoint. Site point like few of the ones I have mentioned above goes beyond jus an affiliate marketing forum. You will find issues ranching from tech and online advertising being spoken about on this forum often.

It’s a very good resource for someone just starting out or even those with experiences.

Digital Point


If you have been online for a while and you are well familiar with the old-school forum feels then Digital Forum should not be that strange to you.

Though it may be overcrowded but if one takes his time to sort through the forum it contains a lot of information especially about digital marketing and how it relates to promoting affiliate offers.


It’s overcrowded and may not be suitable if you are not very patient.


The v7 network is the Facebook of affiliate marketing. You will find a whole lot of people on this forum and you can get very quick responses to your questions.

It’s very homely and people on this forum are very helpful.


You have to be very careful what advise you take. The level of expertize of the individuals responding to your questions cannot be verified.



Affiliorama is one of my favorite affiliate forums. It’s super clean and well organized.
You can easily navigate through this site without much clumsiness.

There are sections like affiliate hangout, affiliate news and more on affiliorama.

There are also a whole lot of tutorials for an affiliate that is just starting up.

Finally when making up your mind on which affiliate forum to frequent there are few things you must consider:

You want to make sure you adhere to the forum guidelines

Be careful not to liter the forum with your link as doing so can get you banned

Be very active and give as much values as possible. This will give you a lot of credibility and folks will seek you out. Trust me, it’s doesn’t take that long to become noticed when you give values

Make sure your contributions are very relevant so check the thread to know what is being discussed. Do not just contribute for the sake of it

Make sure your do a little research before you contribute. This will make you stand out and you will be known and respected for that.

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