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I recognize that a lot of you guys want to produce contents for Youtube to Blog and other kind of contents and it could be very hard knowing what to write or talk about or sometimes.

Contents burger is the easiest way to boost engagements in terms of the power of content marketing. It’s built for publishers, brands, agencies in startups.

Who Can Use Content Burger?

For someone to share the best contents consistently and increase their reach, there are five key ways you can help manage and automate your contents markets in a niche with next level of content discovery using multi-channel Composer contents planner and automation recipe to create a complete content marketing exhibition sales. After login you’ll meet the intuitive dashboard that puts everything within which to take you from Discovery to engagement will start to the content discovery too. With this you can save time finding the best content in your industry across videos, articles, gif quotes and image content types. Simply select the content type from the down drop menu to get started in this case article discovery.

Use a keyword to start finding the best content.

Contents can be sorted with deep advanced filters and stats that allow you to search with multiple keywords and the ability to exclude only me to shorten domains. Also this can be sorted by age of the post language in region as well as sorting using different engagement starts and with the deep search queries an article the information you can be sure to find the content starts up performing and relevant for your business. We have added powerful info on the results. We start some content social shares and lights as well as performance course for the narrow direct repeat, so simply select an article from the results and proceed to either the blog or social post option. These logs of the composer which features content drag and drop functionality to continue finding content in real time more on this in the composer section as with every other feature and Contentburger.


Each process is done with a wizard so you can start and proceed step by step to come fix that action. We can now proceed to choose an account; this can be done at any point of the process without stopping the flow, then we are able to further customize for each account before proceeding to publish. This helps optimize completely for each count to improve engagement. We can either publish shadow data set dates or save it as a draft completed score reaction. We can repeat this process for other content types. Another example is the video discovery which allows you to use the filters to find engaging videos that we can preview and use the feature to share. Next is the multi-channel composer that allows you to create content not only by typing, but one that puts the entire wave at the center of the composer with a simple drag-and-drop within the composer.

 You can get content from the web in real time into the editor and it also features the hash tag groups and use their link functionality for better link tracking. Simply select a post type start writing content and from the left on icon you can find all the content from the web. Using the search and then simply drag and drop to the editor who presented composing power. We can search for images, gif pods, videos and articles and simply drag and drop into the editor. We’ll then proceed with the visits to complete the process of sharing the contents. In this case we can share the post for later which can also be managed by the planner of my post page if we’re using blog post composer. When we drag and drop the discovered articles into the composer, it pulls out the entire contents for use in editing again. It features which of the formatting options to use to make our content robust and ready for blogs.

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Does Contentburger Support Content Sharing?

 For the blog post sharing, we have created a system to share to both of primary and secondary accounts. What we’re sharing to multiple other products helps maintain a solid SEO ranking using proper black guidelines also. Not only can you pull the blocks but rather a system that allows you publish post needed to be shared back to selected social account all in one action. With the content planner you have the power of the detailed calendar and contents management so no more clunky spreadsheet or rather better context management. Use the toggles that it’s helped to move between month week and debuts you can use a calendar to view all posts for a particular date range a complete social accounts names next to each post. You can easily locate the dates on the planner and use the plus icon to immediately add posts to those dates adding a post from a date on a calendar automatically shows the post for that date and which immediately loads the composer to start adding content and from that point you can also use the wizard to complete the action.

How About Content Automation

The automation is another place content burger really shines. We understand most people and businesses find it difficult to regularly share content to the audience on social networking channels that’s why we have created a module where you can create campaigns that will also discover and also post highly relevant content in destination channels without ever interrupting you with our automation recipe. You can automate articles; the blog articles – social media videos, blog videos, social media RSS view – social media and a box which allows the uploader to post by uploading your content in a CSV file. For this demo we’ll look at the automation to save journal articles to blog automation; this helps you use the filters to discover and post engaging articles to the blog. We start by selecting the blog accountants teachers as well as a company’s social account if we wish to report logging into directly to accounts. We proceeded to search a keyword- this search can be refined to show the results in addition to or excluding certain keywords and also the possibility to limit results specific degrees.

Which Languages Does Contentburger Support?

 We can select language in each discharge then publish suggestions for you to have an idea of the search combination between who will then choose the frequency and age range for this particular automation and a chance to choose whether to review the contents or post automatically choosing review will automates the results but to allow you to use one field to approve the post publishing. Going back to the automation page shows us stats about the campaign and we can simply view cause to see the automation in kill. Another example is the RSS automation which allows you to grab your blog or any websites RSS feed URL at the content folder and select the frequency and automation style and see these are just some of the awesome things you can do with content burger too.

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